How to install Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo)

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Installation prepration


In this blog tutorial, we will install ubuntu21.04. This installation removes installed operating systems along with their data in the disk. Please make a back of your data so that you can use it later.

Machine Requirements

  • 2 GHz dual-core processor or better
  • 4 GB system memory
  • 25 GB of free hard drive space
  • Internet access if it is possible (optional)
  • USB port for the installer media

Download image

Ubuntu operating system is available as an ISO file. The size of Ubuntu 21.04 is 2.8 GB. To download the image go to Here we are using a desktop image but you can choose any other image which is required for you

Create a Installer media

An ISO file is basically an image of disc and you need to extract this ISO on a USB disk or DVD. We will be using USB as an installer media. you can check how to create USB bootable to make your USB drive as installer media

Change booting priority

  • Now we will start our actual installation. Plug in the bootable USB drive into the USB port of the system.
  • For the booting up process in the system, we need to tell the system to boot from the USB drive. For that, we need to change in BIOS setting. Therefore, after switching on or restarting the system when the system manufacturer (Dell, Acer, Lenovo etc) logo appears on the screen, Most likely pressing a key  EscF2F9F12 , etc take you to the BIOS settings. In BIOS setting from the boot menu you can select the usb drive as a first choice of booting.

Install Ubuntu

After changing the boot priority. Now the system will boot from the USB and it will take you to the menu shown in the picture.

1. Welcome: In First window you can change the language for your installation process. Here you have two options “Try Ubuntu” and “Install Ubuntu” If you select to try Ubuntu, then you will be working with the Live system. Live system gives you the look and feel of working with actual ubuntu installation.

As shown in the image below, it is a Live system you can also install ubuntu from the Live system by using the install Ubutu21.04 option. All the options for installation are same, like if you have pressed installed button earlier instead of Try ubuntu.

Ubuntu try out (Live System)

2. Keyboard layout: After clicking install ubuntu option, you have to choose is keyboard layout If you are using QWERTY layout then English(US) would be fine. Press Continue to move to the next window.

3. Updates and other software: In the next window, It will ask what packages you like in your installation and you can also choose to download updates for the packages while installation. Third-party software for graphics and wi-fi hardware installation is also available. These packages can also be installed and updated after installation. You can enable the right choice by clicking on the checkbox (see in the picture below) and then Continue.

4. Installation type: Here we can select the type of installation to perform. This is the most important step, be careful with this step it can erase your entire disk. Here we are erasing our whole disk. Therefore, we have chosen the first option. With another option, you can configure your partition manually. After pressing Install Now option. New window will ask for confirmation with more explanation. If you are satisfied then continue.

5. Where are you? : Choose your time zone by entering your geographic location and then click Continue.

6. Who are you?: Enter your details like your name computer name and password. Which will be used later for login to the system.

7. Install: Now Your installation has been started with the configurational parameter you have assigned in earlier steps. Wait for few minutes

8. Installation complete: Now your installation is completed remove your USB drive and restart the computer.

After reboot

Update your system, Press ctrl+alt+t to open the terminal, and then run the following command

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove 


In this post, we saw how to install Ubuntu 21.04 on a desktop or laptop computer by using a bootable USB drive. You can use the same process to install other Ubuntu releases just you have to create your USB drive bootable with the right release and have to follow the same steps.

If you face any issues above, please don’t hesitate to comment below to report.

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